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The Tree Company | Professional Tree Services North Shore Auckland
As a team of skilled tree experts, The Tree Company - dedicated to the health of trees and the surrounding environment specialising in tree safety and care. We provide a wide range of tree services, including tree felling and tree removals, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree cutting, stump grinding, stump removal, etc.
Serving Auckland's North Sore, Dairy Flat and Hibiscus Coast, we are fully insured, offering fast, friendly service, quality work, and competitive rates.
We have a full Health & Safety program in place according to industry standards which are adhered to by all of our staff.
When trees have properly cared, tree removals often be avoided, and healthy trees add value to your property. Regular property maintenance should allow for the assessment of trees, shrubs and the surrounding property to determine the best solution.
Our team of a professional arborist will work with you to develop long-term plans for your property's trees, ensuring their health and safety.
You can count on our experienced and professional team! CONTACT US
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